Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday: Rambling Note to Sixth Grade Self

Dear Sixth Grade Self,

  Don't write notes to yourself late at night.  

Your Future Self

Which one do you think I am? (Click on picture to enlarge)



Steve-Rosanna said...

Whoa, there is a lot of you in Cami there on the second row!

Good old Mr. Goerke, I remember some stories about him.

Great letter to your future self.

Love, Dad-Mom

K said...

Pick me, pick me. I know which one you are.

Ummm...Did you take out the rambling note to self?

Mirien said...

So easy! Because I've seen pix of your daughters. But I missed the letter to yourself.

K said...

That letter is no longer rambling. Come on bring it back. No one saw it.

Charlene said...

Your daughter does look a lot like you! What letter is everyone talking bout? I'm away from my computer for one day and this is what happens!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Wawa, the vote is in and it is unanimous: 18-0 or maybe 19-0 if we understood Davin correctly.

It is time to re-create your excellent well-thought out post to your sixth-grade self.

Bring it back!

Pete said...

I like how some are still sporting the 70's hair, while others have moved on to the 80's. Also, teachers should not be allowed to have beards.

Momma Nielson said...

You were in sixth grade when I had my twins??? Holy Moly I'm getting OLD!

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