Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yay Me!

Every once in a while I bravely climb the wooden pull-down stairs leading to the dusty  no-man's land of our attic.  In addition to our bins filled with holiday decor, a whole lot of dust, and a random smattering of STUFF, you will find the box of unfinished projects.

You know, the cross-stitching project from 1995 that was meant for Glen's brother's wedding.  The cut fabric with patterns still pinned to it for some size 2T pajamas for Cami.  Then there's the stack of papers for scrapbooks I never made and the box of tangled up ribbons meant for cute bows to match Ellie's every outfit.

The box is a sad symptom of my inexplicable tendency to lose focus in the middle of projects.  Never mind that my blog is now my scrapbook and Ellie's hair is way too short for bows, I used to truly believe that the day would come that I would find the time to finish them up.  Lately though with the increased busyness of my life, combined with the decreased sleep amounts, I've arrived to a point in my life that I'm hereby writing them off as a lost cause.  What are the chances anyway that I could find the same shade of embroidery floss 15 whole years later?  And what on earth would I do with size 2T homemade pajamas now that my baby wears size 5?

But then knowing it's a lost cause and actually arriving to a mental state where I can let go of it enough to say "Let's throw this in the trash," (or donate it) is a whole new step for another day. 

One thing THE BOX lying idly in my attic does do for me though, is that it has made me much more cautious about endeavoring into new projects.   Is this project really going to be worth my time and money?  Can I finish it?  And most importantly if I do finish it, will I really be happy with it?

This new, mature way of thinking is the reason why I rarely clean my oven.  The hours of effort it would take to scrape up the blackened surface, just doesn't seem worth it to me.  My oven has a door that closes, so no one can see inside of it and blackened, dried food chunks don't make me gag or anything, so I'd rather just let it be.  Me and my oven in perfect zen.  

Despite my best efforts to simplify and not add to my guilt-inducing box in the attic, every once in a while though I get an idea in my head for a project that won't go away.  I saw this blogpost in February and got it so stuck in my head that I immediately tracked down the kit she used, started pulling out my genealogy, and excitedly planned the place on the wall where it would reside.  

Fast forward  almost an entire year and I am proud to announce that it is not a forgotten cadaver tossed into THE BOX in the attic.  It's all done, framed, and even hanging on my wall. 

Yay me!

Am I the only one who starts projects and never finishes?  What's in  your unfinished project box?  Will you ever finish them?



K said...

That's awesome Lara! Way to go!

angela said...

Very, very cute!!!
Thanks for sharing it.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Yes, yay for you!! You come from a long line of unfinished projects stored in the attic (or in the basement in our case).

Your family tree hanging is very cute.

Thanks for sharing.

Love, Dad and Mom

Deanne said...

At first I though you were describing me! I currently have some baby blankets and bibs that I lost interest in sewing, but they are sill sitting on a shelf in plain view because "I will get to those...". And I have a whole tub of unfinished projects that "I will get to someday...".

I get grand ideas, but then lose interest I guess. I'm not to the point where I can throw out my half started, half finished projects though. However, I'd like to think that I've evolved like you and have limited the projects I'm willing to take on - is it worth my time? my money? will I really finish it?

I love this family tree though and I will have to add it to my list of projects to get done one day! =)

Lara said...

Just in case anyone's interested, I've added the link to where you can buy the kit. Just click on "the kit she used" shortly above the first picture.


C and Co. said...

Not only do I start projects and never finish, I have the exact same box with fabric for pjs, ribbon for bows by the mile, and a Santa cross-stitch started in 1995 that would be a great Christmas pillow. I am SO glad I'm not alone in my guilt. And, like you, I've been careful about what projects I've been taking on. I have actually finished a few things I may blog about someday.

Charlene said...

what a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

alexandra said...

I started an heirloom Christmas stocking for Jeff the year after we got married. Yes, it was very detailed, but I assured myself that I could spend two years on his, then two years on mine, two years on the first kid's, etc. and still keep up.

I still pull it out during the occasional General Conference and start to work on it, mainly so Jeff can laugh at me. But I still can't bear to throw it away.

However, I thought I was doing better a few weeks ago when I gave away a cut out Superman/Batman girl's cape that I had no one to give to. I didn't want to have it laying around the house not sewn and mocking me.

Last night, Jeff asked me if I could make a belated gift for one of his former coworkers with twins, a boy's and girl's version of the cape.

Just shows you can't win for trying.

I'm off to get that tree kit. :)

Clarinda said...

I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your triumph with us. :-) It's beautiful.

Meeks said...

I think my most guilt-ridden project is the cross stitch of the temple that I was SUPPOSED to give to my friend for a wedding present. I was even stitching up to the day of the wedding. Did I mention that they have been married for 9 years, and I have NO IDEA where the cross stitch is now! About a year later, I gave them another wedding present instead. Sad huh!

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