Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another month...

and another clean check-up! 

Hooray for 8 months of being strong and healthy

He is especially excited to be feeling good at his pre-season lacrosse practices!  He missed the entire season last year and is thrilled to be running and playing hard again.  Additionally, all of his college applications are in and now he's just waiting to hear what his options are going to be for next year!    

Happy day! 

Clinic Stats:
WBC=4700, ANC=2180, Hgb=15.7, Platelets=134 (still a little low), Weight=74.2 kg



Andie said...

He looks like the picture of good health! Congratulations!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Never tire about hearing these continuing reports about "clean bill of health" for Spencer!

K said...

Happy Happy Day!

ML said...

On October 24th of this last year our 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with AML. Within 2 days she was literally airlifted out of her life (we have lived on the island of Saipan since she was 5) and transported to the States for treatment.
My son-in-law's mother put me in touch with this blog and I just want you to know that in those early days it was a lifeline for me and continues to be an encouragment. In fact, it inspired me to keep our friends and family informed with a blog (www.kaitlynsroad.blogspot.com)
Congratulations Spencer! Keep strong!
MariLou Conner
(currently at) Primary Children's Medical Center, SLC, UT

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