Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Saturday in February


I had a YW camp meeting,

4 of the 5 kids had a service project (mulch flyer distribution),

Glen ran an 18-mile training run,

I took Adam to the Pinewood Derby district championship where he raced 25 other pack champions.

He made it to the finals and ended up taking 4th place!

Glen took Cami to the DMV where she passed her written exam and now is the proud holder of a learner's permit....

While Glen was at the DMV I started getting phone calls and texts from concerned friends who noted that Glen's email had been hacked.  Within about 2 minutes of the hack (by some idiot in Turkey), I changed the password to his email and facebook accounts.   We hope that that's the end of it.  In the meantime, he is annoyed and embarrassed. 

I went to the consignment store to do a cheap mid-winter wardrobe update.

While I was at the store, Glen was grilling some burgers and brats for dinner.  Randomly the grill burst into flames singeing the hair on Glen's arm and completely torching the food. 

We went out to dinner instead. 

We came home to find that Rocky had helped himself to his own dinner when he pulled a rotisserie chicken off the table and ate it in its entirety, all the way to the bones.   It was meant for tomorrow night's dinner and was forgotten in the hubbub of the flaming grill.   He totally knew his own guilt and hid from me when I walked in the door.  I think he was surprised when I refrained from getting annoyed at him and instead pulled him back over to the scene of the crime, so I could take a picture of him.

While the kids were all off at evening activities, Glen and I had an at-home date night while we waited for kids to come home. We watched, "Here Comes the Boom!" and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now I am typing, playing with the photos on Photoshop Elements, and thoroughly enjoying the memory of a totally normal--the good and the bad--kind of day! 


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Heather said...

My family were OBSESSED with the Pinewood Derby. My father spent hours engineering and crafting the fastest car imaginable. My uncle did the same thing. He even built a full scale track in his garage to practice one. Of course my brother took first place at the regional and state level. He also saved the car and used it for his son and daughter's Pinewood Derby. 25 years later, it still creamed every other car in the field.

I wonder where I got my competitive streak from?

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