Tuesday, November 25, 2014

He's Got Platelets!

At every single appointment since Spencer's treatment for acute myeloid leukemia ended in June 2012, he has been found to be low on platelets.  The doctor never seemed overly worried about the low levels,  but we sometimes wondered if it was a sign of there being some underlying problem or something.   

Today we officially got to stop worrying about it!  This afternoon he went in for his oncology appointment (two months overdue) and he had the best blood levels we've ever seen!   Of course we never knew what his blood levels were pre-leukemia, but I imagine they probably looked a lot like today's results…totally normal in every way!   :)   


WBC:  7.49, RBC:  4.56,  HGB:  15.3, PLT:  204


Here are some pictures from the day:  

As per usual, Spence was quiet and a bit worried before his appointment.    
Me?   I just look tired and old, with freakishly white teeth.   

I love that they still give him fun bandages after drawing his blood! 

And here he is with a thumb's up for another awesome appointment!  

 A perfect way to start off the week of Thanksgiving!  


Aitch said...

Always happy to get these updates!

I do not think that you look tired and old in the picture, but you have always had freakishly white teeth :o)

Charlene said...

Happy News!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Lara said...

…which is why I refuse to use whitening toothpaste whatsoever. :)

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