Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Super Cake

Check out this beautiful cake Cami made for Emma's 14th birthday….

It's a fourteen layer {including the layers of frosting} salted caramel spice cake.  

Instead of oil, she used 4 cups of applesauce which made it perfectly moist
and oh so delicious.

We figure that the applesauce completely  negated the
8-1/2 sticks of butter and 12+ cups of sugar
that it also contained...

In fact, I'm pretty sure it's so healthy that it's practically a super food.

Or at least Super for celebrating Emma's 14th birthday!

And super for filling our tummies with birthday cake deliciousness!



Ruth said...

When are you going to share the recipe? :D Happy birthday Emma, I hope you enjoy your dance!

annalisa said...

The cake was beautiful and scrumpcidiliumptious!

Jennifer McArthur said...

Beautiful cake! Well done, Cami! Happy Birthday, Emma!

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