Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inner Preschooler

Today I went back to preschool for a little while.   
The kids were doing a community outreach project for their upcoming 
Lego League competition and I got to be the one to accompany them. 

Their mission was to teach the preschoolers a little about music, so they brought instruments to play for them….

 a fun book to read to them (The Happy Hedgehog Band ),   

and in general got to channel their inner four-year-olds.  
The kids had done most of the planning themselves, which made it all the more a genuinely fun  experience  for me, the kids, and the preschoolers.

In the end, though, it made me all nostalgic for when my kids were cute  little peanuts too. 

This picture was taken only four years ago, but man do I miss those days!


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annalisa said...

I love that picture of Adam, Ellie and Emma!

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