Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Clean Sweep for Cami

   You'd think that things would start winding down stress-wise by last week or two of school, but, as it somehow always happens,  things are crazier than ever.   And that's with only one of my children in public school this year!    

These are the things which are overtaking our lives right now:      
1.   end-of-year concerts, recitals, etc.   2.  end-of-year banquets, award ceremonies, etc.
3.  we're inundated with getting ready  (filling out forms, writing checks, volunteering, etc) for all the summer activities (and with my calling, this takes up A LOT of time)   4.  it's time to plan for the fall (when lessons are going to be, what sports will the kids do, which classes to take, etc)

With Cami being a graduating senior, her stress levels are high too.  Here's what's consuming her time:   
1.  teachers are jamming in all of the projects they can before the end of the year  2.  Normal end-of-year finals and stress  3.  signing up for classes at BYU--the stress of actually choosing a schedule, and then having to stay up past 2am on a school night to do the actual registering   4.  Still trying to work and save money for college--this past weekend she had an overnight babysitting job, a cupcake order, and a tutoring job.     5.  WRITING A GRADUATION SPEECH--The mentor/teacher that's helping with the speech is a hard-driver who has a very particular idea of what kind of speech she wants and she keeps Cami after school working on it for hours and hours per day....sometimes well into the evening hours.      

So earlier this week, on a normal busy day, I had an alert pop up on my cell phone that Cami had her sports award ceremony that night.    I was pleased that there were no other conflicts and I made plans to go.   Several hours later, when it was time to leave, Cami seemed surprised that I was attending and tried to talk me out of it.  She claimed that it would be long, boring, and definitely not worth my time.   Sadly, this is true about a lot of sports award ceremonies that I've attended over the years, but I figured that since it was her senior year, I would go despite her protestations.   

And thank goodness I did!  
Cami was the star of the night!  

She won every single award she was eligible to win and was definitely the most frequent visitor onto the stage...male or female.     

Here's a run-down of what she won:  
1.   $1500 scholarship (awarded to only one female and one male athlete at her school)
2.  a tri-athlete scholar award (for participating in three sports and maintaining an over 3.5 GPA)
3.  a four-year three sport award (for participating in three sports for all 4 years of HS--only a handful of other seniors received this)
4.  Coach's award for varsity lacrosse (only one awarded for each spring sport)

All four of these awards were a HUGE honor to receive and it was hard not to blush a little at all the really wonderful things they said about Cami during the night.    She is a hard-worker and that night was a little pay-back, for her and for me,  for some of that hard work from over the years.     We are so proud of our Cami Rose!  

Way to go, Cami!  


R said...

Congratulations to Camilla on all of her amazing awards but especially on her scholarship.
Every bit helps. But really really want to tell her how proud we are for her graduation from four
Years of early morning seminary. Big congrats on everything. And for you for helping make it
all happen.

Jennifer McArthur said...

Cami, you're rocking it! Way to go, girl!

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