Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm Sort of Famous....


And it was sent out by email to 1000's of people all over the DC area and was posted by two members of Studio C on their Instagram accounts (see here and here)!!! 

Check out my creation....

So, I'm not actually famous, since no one (except a couple of people who helped with the planning) actually knows  that I made it, but I still felt kind of cool that my self-taught photoshop skills got to go to a good use.       

The event turned out much bigger than the planners anticipated, a fact which drew the wrath of the security guards at the Lincoln Memorial and brought the whole night to a premature ending.  Ellie still got to meet the cast members briefly though, so she definitely called the night a success!

Alright, now that I'm done gloating about the tiny little role I played in this awesome event, it's time to shut the computer and get back to real life again....



R said...

Really! Security didnt like people there singing Christmas carols. That's sad and too bad. Sounds like a lot of fun, and someone did get a picture. And congratulations on your flyer.

Saimi said...

Hey, hey celebrity girl, nice job on the flyer!! It does feel good when something you do gets recognition. The event looks like it was a great time and there is nothing like the sound of Christmas - I love listening to carolers.
Have a great weekend

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