Friday, January 13, 2017

Welcoming in 2017

Anyone who knows us in person will likely not be surprised to find out that Glen and I have very sedate social lives.  I could do a whole blogpost on some of the reasons why, mostly having to do with the strong introverted tendencies of my spouse, but we'll save that for another day.   Suffice it to say, that New Year's this year was no exception to New Years of past and was quite sedate.  

Spence went to hang out with friends.   Emma and Adam went off to the New Year's dance at church and Glen also went to chaperone.   

Emma and Adam  had a great time there hanging out with friends and dancing the night away! 

But that left only Ellie, me, and Ellie's friend Caroline as the keepers of the home front.  I was teaching the lesson in YW the next day, so I kept to myself most of the night to keep preparing, and the girls watched a cheesy movie, ate snacks, and I joined them for the ball drop.    I couldn't figure out how to open the sparkling cider without a bottle opener, which was missing, or find the "poppers", so we just cheered.   Then went to bed.   Yay for 2017! 

The next day we went to church, then had our traditional "Dinner in Bethlehem".    It tasted delicious and I thought it looked so lovely on my brand new dishes.  

Here is all of us gathered to eat it.  

Adam made the baklava all by himself.  

Then on Monday, since it was technically a federal holiday because New Years was on a Sunday, we all went laser tagging.   It was quite fun, especially having Glen there.  He's been working long hours lately and we like spending time with him whenever we can.  

After that, there was a whole lot of this going on....

Happy New Year 2017!!!

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