Friday, January 20, 2017

In the Last 24-Hours....

In the last 24-hours:   

Ellie and I gave a presentation at a local Cub Scout troop.  Ellie taught them about her seizures and talked about how we should treat everyone with kindness and respect.   We talked about the differences that people might have and how we are all children of God.   We also talked about ways we could look out for others, be their friends, and help when people need.    Ellie was well-spoken, confident, and did a great job teaching those little guys an important message.   :) 

Ever since we passed the 5th year anniversary of Spencer's diagnosis with AML (on January 10th), I've been wanting to give blood again.  In my younger years, I gave blood on a regular basis, but I struggle to keep my iron levels where they should be now that I'm older.   Emma decided she wanted to give blood for the first time too, so we decided to take advantage of it being inauguration day (and thus a day off of school here in the DC area) and finally donate this morning.  

I gave mine easy peasy, then walked over to the recovery section to rest for a few minutes.   There I found a very pale woman on the verge of passing out.  There were no employees in the recovery area, so I held on to her and called for someone to come help.  Employees came rushing to aid her and sent me to run get cold water bottles (twice), juice, paper towels, and a straw.   Yes, I just gave blood myself and they sent me running five separate times to retrieve items for them.   Luckily I felt 100% fine and was happy to help where I could, but I did laugh that they were so quick to rely on someone who'd just barely donated blood themselves.    They got the woman to lie down and she was fine before I left.   Unfortunately Emma's iron levels were .1 too low and she was unable to donate today,  so she'll have to try again another time.     

After that excitement, we went out for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien.  

It was delicious and a good way to ensure I got a little more time to rest and get some good fuel in me before embarking on the rest of the day.   

I was quite enamored with my breakfast.   :) 

After that, I walked to the car and was greeted by a woman with a car parked near mine in need of a jump.  I got my jumper cables, jumped her car, and went on my way satisfied and grateful for the opportunities I've had to serve my community four separate times in the last 24-hours. 

Now we are home absorbing the fact that Donald Trump is now our president.   
God Bless America. 



R said...

Good job L. Pretty surprising they let you do all the running after just giving blood. What a day you had with also jumping someone's car.

R said...

Tell Ellie we are proud of her for doing the presentation.

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