Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rainy Day in Venice

Next on our itinerary was VENICE!!!! 

Venice has been on my shortlist of dream places I want to visit for a long time,  and I was a tad disappointed that,  despite my best efforts to fit it in,  it never did end up making sense to squeeze into our itinerary in May, especially since the rest of my family was more keen on seeing Rome.   I reluctantly gave up on trying to add it in only with the promise that Glen would try to get me there someday.  

Little did I know that I  would have the opportunity a mere  six months later.  

I was so excited when Kristina and I were making plans for this trip and I realized that Venice could actually happen.    We ended up with barely 24-hours there, but it was 24-hours of a dream come true for me!    

Friday, November 4, 2016


To maximize our time there, we went on a gondola ride around town...

I could gush and gush about how much I loved it, but I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Saturday, November 5, 2016 
(my journal entry) 
Our train from Venice was leaving at 11:30am, so we woke up, got a quick breakfast at a bakery (it wasn't very good), and traipsed over to the Basilica San Marco.  It was a tad chilly (low 50's) and pouring rain, but it was a fun adventure getting there.  It was such a cool place and we enjoyed all the friendly pigeons which would land on our outstretched arms.   After that minor distraction we were crunched for time and had to run back to our place, get our luggage and book it to the train station.  We made it there in the nick of time and now we are on our way to La Spezia (Cinque Terre).  Somewhere in there I also found a real deal Italian post office where I bought stamps and sent some postcards.  Here's hoping the rain will subside enough for us to get some hiking in at Cinque Terre.

Basilica de San Marco (Saint Mark's)

It was rainy, beautiful,  and I LOVED it!   



Charlene said...

Looking at your pictures, Venice is on my list to visit now! My list is growing too fast,I need to start crossing off places! ;)

Jennifer McArthur said...

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Memories for a lifetime!

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