Friday, March 31, 2017

Getting Back to It!

After Spencer's diagnosis with AML in 2012, Glen and I both packed on the pounds.  I think we both had some PTSD and probably some mild depression going on too.   Finally, about two years ago, I was at my heaviest weight yet and my blood pressure was high.  

The high blood pressure was a wake-up call to me that it was high time to get a handle on things, so we started exercising again and being more cognizant of what we ate.   It's been a slooooooowwwww process regaining our strength and getting back to it, but I feel like this summer I  finally hit my stride and  I'm about to the weight and fitness level I was before Spence got sick.    It was so exciting to fit into my old clothes again, that I decided it was time to buy some new clothes.   Here are some of the outfits I've got for myself over the last several months.   

And this is usually about how I feel when I'm about to get on the treadmill!   

But I broke my record today and am feeling quite proud of my six mile an hour average (especially since about 15 minutes of that was walking)!    

Right now I walk about 1/2 hour three days a week, walk/run for an hour twice a week, and try to get on a 5-7 mile long walk on Saturday. Next thing I want to do is sign up for a race.  Probably just a 5k or 10k and maybe eventually another half-marathon!   Race or not though, my main goal is to stick with it long term.    I still have some pounds I can lose, but my goal at this point isn't hitting a certain weight, it's about my long-term health and being fit.   

Go us! 


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Jennifer McArthur said...

You look beautiful! I am inspired!

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