Monday, April 3, 2017

The OTHER Missionaries in Our Lives

Cami's been on her mission about 8-months now and we miss her more than ever, but have found that the more time we spend with the missionaries from our ward, the more connected we feel to her across the miles.   

Sisters Calvert and Inman are not only excellent missionaries, but I think would be great friends with Cami if they all knew each other.    We see them at least a couple of times a week and, as you can see,  they love Rocky (probably more than I do).  

 Nicole (the girl in the center) joined the church in December and is one of the reasons why we spend so much time with the missionaries.  Her dad, Billy, is taking the lessons and is scheduled to be baptized in April!  They are all at our house most Wednesdays for the discussions.   

It really has been a cool experience to be a part of the missionary effort here at home, while Cami is doing her part in France and Switzerland.  

Nicole recently gave a talk at a missionary fireside.  A few youth from the ward came to show their support! 

The sisters have come over a few times to do family history at our house.  

And they even brought over a birthday present for Ellie!  Speaking of which, Ellie, in particular, has a really special bond with them.  

We all went to watch one of Nicole's lacrosse games, but she ended up with a concussion and didn't play.  

So, we just froze together....

and enjoyed being together.  

Meanwhile, our sweet missionary is doing great things in Lausanne, Switzerland!  

We miss her.   

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