Thursday, April 13, 2017

Randomness March/April 2017

Here's a little sampling of life from the last few weeks:

Ellie turned 12!    You've never met someone so excited about her birthday as Ellie.   She's been coming to Young Women's with me for 4-1/2 years and to finally be official was one of the most exciting days of her life.   For her birthday celebrations, we took her to Beauty and the Beast,   ate cream puffs, had a birthday cake (from Costco), and chicken potpie.  It was a simple day, but Ellie was as happy as can be.

Pete and Mika and family showed up unexpectedly one Saturday to bring Ellie a birthday gift.   Ellie was probably as excited about seeing her cousins as she was about receiving a gift!

We've been taking advantage of the spring weather and hiking as much as possible.   This was on the CCT trail one day.  

This was at Scott's Run today.   

The Virginia bluebells were everywhere and were a beautiful sight!

I brought AnnaLisa to the airport this morning and took this adorable picture of her...

Emma went on her first date today!  It was a short day-time date where they went mini-golfing.    She seemed to have had a fun time.  

 This missionaries get their packages sent to our house, so they can get receive them more quickly than if they were sent to the mission home.   We like the excuse to see them more often.   :) 

Birds kept getting into our vent, so we covered it with screen.   Too bad they ripped holes in it faster than we could fix it.    We will have to look for a different solution for next year!   

We had a fun Napoleon Dynamite themed activity for a combined mutual activity last week.  We had the hardest time deciding what to do until Kelly thought of doing the Napoleon Dynamite theme.    

WE invited the youth to dress in costumes...

and had  a series of stations set up around the gym with activities relating to the movie Napoleon Dynamite.   It was a super fun time for everyone.    

Last, but not least, Cami is staying in Switzerland for another transfer!   She's still companions with Soeur Goreeba and seems to be happy as can be on her mission.   She approaches her 1/2 way mark in a couple of weeks!   

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R said...

Still love your blog. I think a Napoleon Dynamite mutual was a fantastic idea and it looks like everyone was having fun. Can't believe Emma is old enough to date. And Ellie is 12. Time is flying by. Sorry for not commenting on all of your posts.

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