Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Goolds Take on Seattle

We woke up the first morning of our trip  to several missed phone calls from France.  When we called the number back, Cami answered and informed us that her wallet and ipad had been stolen.   We had to cancel her debit card and our shared credit card immediately.   The thief had attempted to use our credit card numerous times, but thankfully only one transaction went through and we were not held liable for it.   It was an inconvenient way to start our vacation, but we LOVED hearing Cami's voice for a few minutes while we worked out the details of what needed to be done.    

This is a letter to Cami sent on June 12, 2017 about the Seattle portion of our trip!   

Hi, Cami!!!
So, did you find out anything else was stolen?  😬 Hopefully not!!!!  What a jerk-wad-idiot-face that took it in the first place.  Have the details been taken care of?  Have you been able to replace your driver's license yet?    I'm hoping that all your pictures are out there in the cloud somewhere and not lost forever.  We still have all the ones you've shared with us at least and I'm guessing that the ones you've shared with G. are also safe, but who knows about the rest?  So, do you have a new iPad yet?  Will they send us a bill?  Or should we buy you one and get it sent to you?  Let us know!!!  We will send you  the new credit cards as soon as we get home from vacation.

Also, Adam has some advice for you.  He thinks you should never take off your bag while you're playing sports ever again.  In fact, he thinks you should sleep with it and take it into the shower with you too. 

As you know, We are officially on vacation now!
 We spent Saturday in downtown Seattle.   We loved the Pike Place Market and Gum Alley!    

 We even made our own contribution to the gum wall!  
 We also enjoyed walking around town and seeing some of the iconic Seattle sites!
We also found some great food at Pike Place Market:
 We also loved these bathroom signs.

Today we went on a really cool and somewhat strenuous hike up to Poo Poo Point.
 We picked it because of the name, but it actually was a very cool hike with an awesome view at the top!

Then we went to church, visited the Seattle temple, saw a temple bunny, and had fun reenacting the statues! 

After the temple, we drove and ferried over to the Olympic peninsula.  We are staying in a cute little town called Port Townsend.    Port Townsend is adorable and we found the best breakfast of our lives at this little restaurant.

Yum-o!!!!   That cinnamon swirl french toast was out-of-this-world! 

 We also found good fudge, good ice cream, and a good thai place. 

{The following part in italics is not a part of the original letter.  I'm adding it, just so I can have all of our time in Seattle in one post.} 

On Monday we walked from Chetzemoka Park to Fort Worden Historical State Park along the beach....

 It was an absolutely lovely walk and we saw bald eagles, found seashells....

saw gorgeous wildflowers...
It was a great way to finish up our time in Port Townsend...
 After that, we headed back up to Seattle and met my Aunt Sandy at a mall right next door to the University of Washington.  We ate dinner at Blue-C Sushi, 

which was a new experience for us....
 It was great to catch up with my Aunt Sandy, whom I had not seen in many years...
 and then we found another statue that was crying out for them to reenact....
 We were fascinated by this brick and mortar Amazon bookstore, since we had no idea they existed...
And thus ended our time in Seattle and we drove straight to the airport....

 {The original letter resumes here}

We head up to Alaska on Monday evening, where Spence will meet us. 

We will be sure to share lots of pictures and send you a few postcards too!    πŸ’•

Spence finally got a haircut.  It was so shaggy he had rats' nests (no joke). 

Emma officially finished seminary this week! Also, she is wearing a pink tie dye t-shirt and black shorts to bed. πŸ‘πŸ»

Adam is officially our best hiking buddy.  He seems to like hiking better than any other kid and is always the first to volunteer for a walk or a hike. 🚢🏻

Ellie is GROWING.  Besides her size 9 feet, she's outgrowing her clothes left and right.  She hasn't really hit her growth spurt yet, but she's filling out a bit and I imagine that the growth spurt is coming soon.

I'm still not eating chocolate. I've more than made up for the lack of chocolate with other junk, but, yay me.

Dad wants to know if you need him to beat anyone up  (like a thieving credit card stealer???)

Alright, I love you!  Je t'aime! 

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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