Friday, February 15, 2008

Actual conversation with Ellie this morning.

Me: Hey Ellie, what do you do with your eyes?

Ellie: See fings. (things)

Me: What do you do with your nose?

Ellie: Mell (smell) things like stinky diapers and cookies.

Me: What is your tongue for?

Ellie: For eating food.

Me: What are your ears for?

Ellie: For getting wax out of.


K said...

Andrew didn't do too well when I asked him the same questions. He said he smells things with his eyes, he eats yogurt with his mouth, and the doctor made his ears feel better. He didn't know what his nose was for. Hmmm...he needs to hang around Ellie more!

Dave said...

I think that she and my Ellie look a lot alike (and think alike too).

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