Saturday, February 9, 2008

Preteen Craziness!

Glen and I have always been a little behind the times as far as modern conveniences go. Over the last couple of years we've slowly made some progress in this regard, with some of the advances more welcomed than others. The arrival of a DirecTV satellite dish to our house was widely loved by all (except for me, who thinks we've all put on a few pounds since its debut).

With this new technology, our kids were introduced to previously unknown shows like Suite Life of Zach & Cody, Cory in the House, That's So Raven, Drake & Josh, .. and their favorite (and mine, I must admit)...

...Hannah Montana.

So when we heard about the new 3D Hannah Montana movie they were only showing for a couple of weekends, the girls could talk about little we did what any softy parents of three girls would do...

left Spencer at a friend's house, loaded three more friends into the car (you don't want to count kids vs. seatbelts), and headed to the local theater.

Emptied our wallets and put on our super expensive 3D glasses (the only logical explanation for the $6.50 higher price per ticket!)

I guess I should've done my research better, as I'd expected the movie to be an extension of some of the cute plots and characters from the Disney show, which I must admit I enjoy watching. But after an ear-splitting hour and a half of a plotless movie that was supposed to imitate a Hannah Montana concert with hordes of screaming pre-teen girls -- my ears and mind completely numb, and I was less than impressed...and apparently so were Adam and Glen.

At least the girls had a good time.


Denise said...

We have Hannah Montana fans here too. Welcome to the dark side.

Pete said...

This post made me REALLY nervous about my future. Exactly 9 years from now, I will have a 9 year-old girl and two 10 year-old girls!! Hopefully I will be like Glen and Adam and be able to just sleep through the torture.

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