Friday, March 7, 2008

New Day and Age...bloghopping kids

Thanks for all your nice comments on the last post. I was somewhat hesitant to post the picture of me in the first place, but you all made me feel so good I might do it again!

So, I somehow made it through my college years without a computer at all. I hung out in the computer labs on campus typing papers until closing time and listened to wild stories of people connecting to the internet for the first time. It all seemed just a little too advanced for me and I couldn't ever imagine it being more than just a passing fad for the technologically savvy...which I definitely was NOT.

Fast forward all these years and now my kids can get around anywhere they want on the internet...Webkinz, American, Facebook (yes, my Spencer is on Facebook),'d better believe we have a heavy duty Net Nanny for our computer and yet I still keep the computer locked up most of the day so that they actually remember to breathe.

So we've given them each 20 minutes of computer time each day and even then it's a crunch in that after school time--between homework, music, friends, playing outside, etc.

When their Webkinz tasks are completed, but before their alloted time is over Emma and Adam have discovered the joy of bloghopping...our own and all of yours. I've got them all bookmarked, so it's not difficult to get to them, yet it still makes me laugh. They'll watch videos over and over again, like this one and this one.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but they've also learned how to make comments. They generally just comment on posts that happen to be about themselves, but they have occasionally left comments on other's blogs as well. Emma's comments are always very factual like, " Ellie used my toothbrush." , while Adam's usually involve his own name being typed.

In the midst of this new hobby of theirs Adam has become obsessed with equal coverage for all (or maybe just for him) on the blog. He is constantly asking me to take pictures of him doing specific things and asking me to please post it on the "family blog"...differentiating the request from placement on his own "blog" which is actually his tag in our photo organizer.

So here's Adam with his latest Lego creation. He actually had me take several pictures of his spaceship in all phases of a dive...but here's the best of the bunch.

Adam also discovered that giant Legos are almost as fun as the little ones. He wouldn't leave these Legos alone at the National Building Museum.

If you happen to see a bunch of comments here that say, "adamadamadam", don't be surprised at all.


Charlene said...

Love the giant legos! Where did you get them? FYI - I am not that far behind you. I have not even let my kids use the internet. Ethan is starting to ask to use it, because they are now using them at school. YIKES!

K said...


Lara said...

Ha! You're funny K!

Sorry Charlene I have no idea where to buy cool Legos like that. They were at a museum in downtown DC.

Emma said...

Adam made that really big. and there is lots of legos.

Denise said...

My kids are also concerned about equal blog time. And since I add labels to all my posts, they can actually see who has more posts.

So, I look forward to lots more Adam inspired posts!

grandma said...

Great lego creations, Adam!

Anonymous said...

those are cool giant legos! looks like fun! al

Ellie said...


Emma said...


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