Tuesday, March 25, 2008

That's My Girl

Ever heard of a game called Challenge 24? Here is a card from the game so you can give it a try. Using each of the four numbers and addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division you need to get it to equal 24.

How did you do? You can check the comment section to see a couple of different solutions for it if you're interested. This is actually the easiest level of difficulty and some of the most difficult ones will stump Glen and I completely.

The game fosters quick thinking and sharp math skills, so the schools are all over it. They have tournaments and before-school practices...it's pretty intense!

Today in the principal's newsletter they listed the winners of the school tournaments. The list included the top 5 winners from grades 4-6, in which Cami had placed 2nd place in the 5th grade. Upon closer examination of this winner's list I made a realization...out of all 15 of the top players in the school, Cami is the ONLY girl on the list.

That's my girl!


Lara said...

Did you come up with 4x2=8, 8x3=24, 24%1=24 ?

(Sorry I couldn't find any way to make a division symbol, so the % is supposed to indicate "divided by".

Or how about 4x3=12, 12x2=24, 24x1=24 ?

Or 3x2=6, 6x4=24, 24x1=24 ?

Most of them don't have quite so many solutions and it's amazing how quickly Cami whips out the answers!

You'll have to let me know how you did!

Deanne said...

Ooh, how fun! I love these kind of games. I came up with the 4x3x2x1=24 answer, but I see there are a few options. Way to go Cami!

So, is this a game you can buy at the store? I don't think I could convince Justin to play with me, but maybe my sister would!

Clarinda said...

My first solution was:
1+2+3=6, 6*4=24

I see that there are lots of different answers.

mom said...

My solution was 3x4x2x1=24. CONGRATULATIONS CAMI! Grandpa and I are proud of you!

Ashby said...

I tried not to look at the other answers....but I have a few, so they might be repeats:

3x4x2x1 = 24

(1+2+3) x 4 = 24

(2+4) x (3+1) = 24

Steve-Rosanna said...

She definitely takes after both her mom and her dad. Smarties both!

Great job Camikins! Congratulations! We are proud of you.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Lara said...

You all did well at finding your own solutions. If you're hooked and want to try more you can order the game online. I ordered it from the challenge 24 website, but Amazon also sells it now.

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