Friday, February 26, 2010

Flash to the Future Friday

Attention!  Attention!  I interrupt the regularly scheduled Friday posts ( Flashback Friday ) and bring to you a special edition of Flash to the Future instead.

This video is of an elderly couple (married 62 years) who upon arriving at the atrium of the Mayo Clinic, discovered this piano, and....

Although I can't play the piano like that and I hope not to ever have to hang out in the Mayo Clinic, I do hope that in 46 years that Glen and I are:

a)  That spunky and energetic
b)  That deliriously happy
c)  That madly in love

I hope you've enjoyed this one and only special edition of Flash to the Future Friday, now back to your regular programming.  


Deanne said...

What a sweet couple. That was great to watch.

annalisa said...

That was humorous! I enjoyed the video!

mika said...

That was soo sweet. I need to go teach Pete the piano now.

K said...

They are so cute! Love it!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Sweet post! Thanks for sharing.

Love, Dad and Mom

angela said...

Hey- I know that place! I love it when people just start to play like that. They were so cute!

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