Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ladybug Valentines

Ever since finally finishing my photo-a-day project, I've been wondering what to do with this blog.  It seems too sad to just let it go by the way-side, so based on an idea from a friend I've decided to make this my "Project Blog".  Since I already have project in the title, I won't even need to change the name. 

So these are the little Valentine's that my four and seven-year-olds made for their classes this year.  I got the idea and template from here.


I was surprised at how much Ellie and Adam were able to help with creating them.  Both of them did all their own cutting (Adam made 28 and Ellie made 14) and Adam also stuck in all of the brads.   

Twisting the black crepe paper around the lollipop, attaching it to the back of the card, and hot gluing the eyes were things they needed help with, but after spending over two hours on cutting and writing Ellie and Adam were glowing with pride at a job well done.



1 comment:

alexandra said...

Have to admit I was floored when I saw you had a new post. What a great idea!

And those valentines were seriously cute. Gavin loved his!

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