Monday, February 15, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, there was a mom who had a routine.
It was busy, but it was a good routine.

Wake up.  
Send Spencer off to seminary.
Wake up Cami.
Send Cami off to school. 
Wake up Emma, Adam, and Ellie
Pack lunches, make breakfast, send Emma and Adam off to school.
Clean up from breakfast, check email, hang out with Ellie. 
Ellie gets picked up for preschool.
I do my thing--volunteering, grocery shopping, laundry, errands, chores. 
Pick up Ellie and friends from preschool. 
Hang out with Ellie.  Read books, math workbook, more chores.
Kids start coming home from school.
Homework, friends, evening activities, cook dinner.
Glen comes home.
Bedtime with the kids.  Scriptures, prayer, read books.
Clean up.  
Go to bed. 

Then February came and the new routine became:

Wake up whenever Ellie crawls into bed and starts chatting.
Change out of pajamas and make breakfast around 10:00. 
Clean up from breakfast while kids start phoning friends to plan their days.
Chauffeur kids over ice packed one lane roads to friends' houses.  
Wipe up puddles from entry way and shove snowpants, gloves, hats, and coats off to side 47 times a day.
Find crafts and activities to entertain the kids. 
Let kids  fend for themselves for lunch.  
Police kids' computer, Wii, and TV time.  
Figure out where to put bags of trash, since trash man hasn't come in over 10 days.  
Make, eat, and clean up dinner while kids start begging for a movie.  
Say "No", then play "Ticket to Ride"  to make amends.
Put kids to bed an hour past their bedtime.
Watch Olympics. 
Blog while Spencer and Cami walk in and read over my shoulder and ask four times, "Where are you going with this post?"
Go to bed whenever the best Olympic sports are done and Spencer and Cami are starting to wind up for the night.

Repeat over and over and over again.

My kids have been to school a total of two times in the month of February and there still isn't any school tomorrow.  The neighborhood roads are still a mess (Mr. Snowplow Hero vanished for the second storm), the sidewalks are all covered with 3+ feet of packed down snow, and we're expecting another inch or two of snow tomorrow. (NOTE:  I wrote this post on Sunday night and was speaking of the snow predicted for today.  There is not more snow predicted for Tuesday.  Sorry if I caused any locals to panic.)

Anyone have any Calgon I can borrow?



Steve-Rosanna said...

We might be better off sending you a box of Tylenol-but, of course, the mail is probably not running either.

Enjoy this ever so rare respite for the routine will shortly begin again. Those 10h00 am wake-ups will probably not be seen again for another decade or so. Or maybe until your next summer vacation.

alexandra said...

I seriously wonder how our pioneering forefathers were able to handle long, cold stretches of winter cooped up in their tiny houses. Perhaps you should take up cross-stitch. I've got a lovely half-finished stocking you could finish.

Charlene said...

Oh no! will they have to make it up at the end of the year?

Denise said...

are you serious? holy cow. holy cow. holy cow.

Lara said...

Hey Denise, I'm just wondering what information I shocked you with. I'm pretty convinced your life has been equally as upturned as mine.

K said...

No school still? Wow! And more snow expected? Double wow! I hope you can get back to your old routine soon.

Annette said...

Only two times this month? Wow. Impressive.

Meeks said...

Been there done that!! hahaha totally can relate!

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