Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Business Plan Guaranteed to Increase Profits by 362% in One Day

This business plan is guaranteed to bring success to the most humble of small businesses...

1. Come up with a brilliant and innovative plan. In this case, it's keeping water bottles in a cooler of ice and just adding a Crystal Light packet to make it lemonade. No fuss. No mess. No cups.

2. Find a willing partner to share the burden. Younger siblings and your BFF make for great company and cheap labor.

3. Look for simple ways to increase your traffic. In this case, it would be to cajole mom into leaving the comfort of the air conditioned house and driving you to a busy intersection where more than 3 cars per hour pass by.

4. Be professional. Just look cute and wave at all the cars that pass by.

5. Look for ways to do good. Hot, sweaty missionaries riding by make perfect charity cases in this kind of business.

6. Don't forget the "little" people. To keep your cheap labor and matronly supervisor happy, make sure they are properly compensated with quarters and/or free samples.

7. Frequent quality checks. Make sure you sample your products frequently to ensure that everything is up to par. You never know when the composition of the Crystal Light + water could drastically change.

8. Choose your location wisely. It's not all about traffic. Large trees or a row of bushes out of sight of the road are invaluable in this type of business where frequent liquid sampling is required.



mom said...

So did they actually make money with all the sampling and the profit divisions and with the cost of crystal light and the bottled water?

Bet the kids had lots of fun though!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

so fun!

annalisa said...

I could go for a cold bottle of crystal light right now. I'll send you the money if you'll send me the drink :) Thanks!

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