Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monosyllabic Beach Wrap-Up

The following post will be written at the level that my brain is currently functioning. In other words it will be entirely monosyllabic.

Years back, Glen searched on hand and knee for a beach prize so rare, but it proved too vague and he left foiled in his work. His failed quest has been a sore point for all these years, but on a bright sun filled morn last week the beach gave yield to the prize for which he sought. Yay for Glen.

My first-born son had a case of wave torn shorts which gave view to a side of him we wish not to have viewed. It is my joy to tell you that this vile pair has now been tossed and the back side of Spence is once more hid .

The beach house beds squeaked, but we did not care. I liked that we got to rest and wake up when we felt like it and I liked that Glen did not have to work.

I still cooked and cleaned and took care of sick kids, but I liked that we got to laugh and play and have fun and no one had to rush or run. True life seems so hard when passed this fun time so great.
Oh beach, fine beach. We hope to see you next year !

PS I hope to find full use of my brain soon, so I can stop to write in a more straight form so as not to bore, mix up, or put off all you nice blog friends. Wish me luck. :)

Can you leave a word back in the same form as me? It's a bit more of a stretch than you'd think, huh?


K said...

I can do it. No prob. Good job Lars. (o:

alexandra said...

I want to go to the beach, too! Love your post. Too bad there's no sub for "monosyllabic" - drats! Foiled once more!

annalisa said...

Looks like fun! What is that shell that Glen found?
Good job on the post :)

Lara said...

AnnaLisa, It's a sand dollar. I couldn't put it in the post since it has more than one syllable.

mom said...

Great job. So glad you had fun. Love the shell and the torn pants of Spence. Hope the sick kids are all well now.

K said...

Does Spence show skin in that pic?

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