Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glen's 40th Birthday....the rosy version

Saturday was Glen's 40th birthday. 

Cami made a sign for the garage door. 

We made him chocolate crepes (not as pretty as Glen's though). 

He opened some fun presents (including a crepe maker, CD, and new Tevas) and ate a beautiful yellow cake with chocolate frosting that Cami had prepared. 
The end.   

(Sorry if any of you thought you were going to hear about how it ended up being the absolute worst birthday ever.  Suffice it to say, that I'm pretty sure that this birthday is one he won't soon forget, and NOT because of how wonderful it was. )


Steve-Rosanna said...

Remember the old saying, "the best laid plans...ofttimes get derailed" or something to that effect. No matter what happened Glen knows how much you love him and what you had in mind for him.

This too shall pass.

Deanne said...

Happy Birthday Glen! And how can you leave us hanging like that, Lara?!

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