Thursday, June 9, 2011

ellie's habit

After a couple of months of being exhausted from the side effects of her medication, Ellie has learned all the right things to say to her school teacher to get them to call me.    I now get phone calls a couple times a week that go something like this, "Hi Mrs. G.  This is Ms. H from the clinic at school and I just wanted to let you know that Ellie is here to rest, but she's not really resting and would like to talk to you." 

Then I have a conversation that goes something like this, "Hi Mom!  Do I have a playdate after school?" 

"No, Ellie.  Not today."

"I feel funny.  I want to come home."

Sometimes I can talk her into staying the rest of the day at school (especially if she actually does have a playdate) and other days she's insistent that she really doesn't feel well.  When I do come get her, she often spends the rest of the day  as happy as a clam playing around the house with Cami.

While I would never have tolerated such seemingly manipulative antics in my other kids, I really hesitate cracking down on her, because she legitimately still has bad days where she's exhausted and "off" all day and it's hard to judge that over the phone.   

It is definitely a good thing they don't really care about attendance in kindergarten, because she's well into the double digit absences for this year....and that's not even counting the dozens upon dozens of days she's left early as well!  

It's also a good thing that she keeps us smiling and laughing with her humorous philosophical conversations whenever she's at home (and especially at bedtime).  Lately I've heard all about her philosophies on choosing a good husband, listening to the Holy Ghost, dying, getting boobs, Cosette and Eponine's relationship in Les Mis, exercising, and the tooth fairy.   I'm totally convinced she'll either be a writer, philosopher, or talk show host someday, because this is one deep-thinking girl who loves to share what's on her mind!!!
Have I mentioned lately how much I love this little sweetie pie? 



Grandpa-Grandma said...

Ellie is such a sparkly vivacious little doll. Love her deep thoughts on such a wide variety of subjects. We love you Ellie Belly!

Karey said...

Such a cutie! I would love to hear her theories! :)

annalisa said...

She is so cute! She is a smart little chicken :)

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