Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spirit Week

Dress-Up Day:    
Ellie came home bragging about how her dress was the prettiest in the whole school.

Crazy Hair Day

Adam had to be convinced to let me do his hair like this (since we didn't have any hair dye), but in the end he loved his faux-hawk for a day!   Cami is now trying to convince him to wear it like that more often, but he has yet to accept that challenge.  On the flipside, after 20 minutes of trying to brush out the tangles the next day, I discouraged Emma from ever wearing her hair like that again.

Pajama Day: 
They thought it was SO cool that they could just wake up and go to school without taking the time to get dressed!  Pillow pets and stuffed animals were brought along as well. 

Hat Day:
We convinced Ellie to wear the hat to school by telling her she looked like a little girl from a magazine ad.  It worked like a charm.  Not only did she wear the hat, but she went around telling everyone that she looked like she belonged in a magazine.

 At least she's got some confidence to go with that fashion sense!

Now there's only 4 days of school left and I think I may be as excited as they are to shed the crazy schedule.  I definitely have a love-hate relationship with all this end-of-year craziness!



R said...

Fun ways to make the last days of school interesting for the kids. How much do they accomplish during the last week of school anyway? Just love everyone's hair.

Honey Mommy said...

I can't believe you are still in school! Not that any of my kids are, but our district has been done for a while.

I get to start with the whole school schedule thing in the fall. Not sure if I am looking forward to it or not!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Hey Wawa, inquiring minds want to know what you are going to do once school is finally out next week??

Some have guessed:

1. Sleep
2. Veg-out for a week
3. Sleep
4. A blogging jag (2 a day)
5. Sleep
6. Make every recipe in blog
7. Sleep in

So much to do-so little time ;o)

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