Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short and Sweet

My laptop is in the shop, which means that my blogging is going to be short and photo free for a few days while I attempt to blog from the hospital iPads.


...has been feeling much better the last few days...until tonight when he had a sudden wave of nausea and broke off his IV line as he made a mad dash to the bathroom. He's fine but tired and still a bit queasy now.

...has been able to go out in the courtyard and play basketball the last two days. It was his first breaths of fresh air in three weeks (and at 65 degrees it was mighty fine February air, if this native Minnesotan does say so herself).

...if his blood counts continue to rise Spencer could possibly go home for a few days next week.

...Spencer wants it to be known that his dad got beat in a game of HORSE (basketball) by a cancer patient today.


Mika said...

short and sweet posts are a-ok...take care and rest up.

all the best to spencer

K said...

Won't it be exciting if he gets to come home for a few days? I'm glad he beat his Dad at b-ball. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

If he wants another competitor that he will be sure to beat, I will come and play.

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