Thursday, February 16, 2012

Top Ten of Being Back in the Hospital

With another four weeks of hospital life staring us in the face as Spencer starts his second round of chemo, Spencer and I decided to compile a top ten list for the perks of hospital life.  In no particular order, here's the list we came up with:

10--Faster internet than home (when it's working)--I actually save uploading/downloading big files for when we're at the hospital, since it's way faster than home. 

9--Video games that Mom won't let me play at home --since both video games and young cancer patients have been pretty scarce in our house before this year, we're still trying to figure out what's what with the aforementioned young cancer patient playing certain video games given to him by friends.     

8--Endless supply of candy--Spencer has a couple of friends, an aunt,  and a Dad bound and determined that his candy jar will never go empty.    Spencer likes the Starbursts, Glen likes the Mikes and Ikes, and Lara likes the dark chocolate (you know since it's a health food and all that).

7--The ice machine!  If you're looking for ice pellet perfection....look no further than the 5th floor nutrition room at Fairfax Inova Hospital!  I think Glen actually wouldn't mind if I got him one of these for his birthday.  :)
6--Visits from cute girls--some related, some not!  
5--More time to read (especially the scriptures) --at home my life is filled with laundry, errands, taking care of kids, cooking, chores, etc, so I enjoy the quieter time in the hospital, especially in the mornings when Spence sleeps in (see #3), to get some reading done.
4--The ceiling tiles decorated by pediatric hem-onc patients when they are finished with their treatment.  They give us hope for the day when Spencer can contribute his own ceiling art. 

3--Sleeping in.  At the hospital, it doesn't really matter what time we get up, so we all take advantage.     I still like to get up at a somewhat regular, fairly early time (although not as early as when I'm at home and get up with Cami for seminary), but Glen likes to take his days at the hospital to catch up on missed sleep.  Spencer just likes to sleep as much as possible!

2--Very nice notes!...although I'm starting to get a little worried that his ego might get inflated while he's here.... 
1--The awesomely awesome massage chair in the HOPE  room, which is just what Dr. Lara orders after a night in the hospital!  The massage is intense and as close to a human massage as I've ever felt in  a machine.   
Did I mention that it's awesome? 


Great news!  Spencer's bone marrow biopsy came back clear of leukemia cells.  It doesn't change the course of treatment at all, but it does show that so far his body is responding well to the chemo. 

The homework has begun and it's A LOT!  Seven hours with a tutor each week plus homework on top of that.  It's way more than we expected, but we hope that that means they'll be more lenient when he's not feeling well. 

Thank you to friends who are fattening Spencer up  for Round 2.    He's up to a big whopping 58.2 kg (128 lbs)  now! 

"We aren’t thankful because we are happy.
We are happy because we are thankful."


K said...

Glad you can see the positive side of your experience!

I LOVE that type of ice too. If you find a machine that makes it, let me know. Cafe Rio is the only place around that i know of that has it.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Thanks for your upbeat report. It is always good to find the moments of joy in every situation even when they are few and far between sometimes.

Wonderful news about his blood work-a very positive sign indeed.

P.S. A "dislike" to your 'prove you're not a robot' mechanism. One word is always very hard to read.

Mommadriver said...

A Note to pass on to Spencer:
Having just finished Chemo and Radiation Therapies, let me tell you what I have found out...It's OK to sleep--a LOT! It's your body in healing mode. (I understand that it is hard for a formerly active person to sleep so much, but THIS TOO, SHALL PASS). I am getting my energy back day by day, and you will, too! said...

Don't forget the gourmet meals delivered right to your bed! Although, if Spencer plays his cards right, he will probably be able to get meals in bed at home too.

Steve and Rebecca said...

Hi! I am a primary president and mom of 3 young children in Murrieta, CA. I came across your family home evening lessons on temples on Sugar Doodle and then found your link to your own family blog. I have been reading about Spencer for the last hour or so. I just had to comment what an AMAZING woman you are and what a great family you have. I don't think it was by accident that I found your truly are inspiring!! Thanks for being so candid and sharing your story. I pray for a speedy recovery for your son. Love, Rebecca Holmstrom

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