Friday, February 24, 2012

Plain Old Update


Spence is finding appendix-free life to be a little anti-climatic.  His abdomen is still in a lot of pain and he is still nauseous and weak from not having eaten much in two days. 

The doctors are having him blow into a spirometer several times an hour to keep his lungs fully inflated while he's laid out from the surgery.   It's meant to prevent pneumonia, but so far has also shown to be highly effective in giving him a bad case of hiccups. 

Spence is on a PCA  (Patient Controlled Analgesia) with morphine to help keep the pain in control.  The nurses have it programmed so that he can't get too much, but within that limit he can press it whenever he wants to. 

He'd still love to have visitors this weekend, but you'll want to keep your visits on the short side until he is feeling better. 

Cami made the FCHS lacrosse team!  Way to go Cami! 

Emma makes a mean peanut butter chocolate chip cookie  of which I've been daydreaming about all day. 
Today was dress-up day at the elementary school and Ellie was SO excited.  She had her outfit planned out for days in advance, then had a little meltdown this morning when she couldn't find her fancy shoes.  She still looked adorable, but  sadly the unusual meltdown threw me off my groove enough that I took no pictures.   

Between not getting enough sleep and  being extra worried about Spence the last few days, I've found myself somewhat more emotional than usual.  In addition to crying in worry and sadness at the pain that Spencer has had to endure, I've also cried in embarrassment, in frustration, in fatigue, and even while  watching someone sing the Star-Spangled Banner.  Thank goodness for a good supply of chocolate kept in close proximity! 

Adam's smile still lights up the grumpiest day! 

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. "
- Joseph Campbell


Chelsey said...

I hear ya! So proud of you! It is very difficult to blog when you are in the fetal position and this is how I know you are not. Please know every time it is tricky for you, I am clapping for you!

K said...

Thanks for giving me a hankering for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies at 10 PM. I may just dream about them tonight!

Funny about the hiccups. I get the hiccups 10+ times a day. (Don't know if you know that. It's somehow related to my condition.)

Adam really does have an amazing smile!

It was great chatting with you today Lara!

Hope the pain/discomfort goes away quickly for Spence! Poor guy!

K said...

I also hope everyone gets a good nights sleep tonight!

Diane said...

Sleep can make all the difference. I hope you got plenty of it last night now that Spencer is over that hump. You are such and amazing person!

Holly said...

I feel your pain/worry and am sending positive energy and prayers your way. My personal opinion is that while momentarily embarrassing, it's healthy for you to cry and experience the emotions that are coming your way. The last two days were not-so-good days, but hopefully, today will be a better day - for Spencer, for you, and for all the other Goolds. Congratulations to Cami on making the team, and tell Emma those cookies look AMAZING!

Heather said...

I'm right there with you on the subject of chocolate! I've been meaning to start my post-holiday diet for months now, but keep reaching for the chocolate in a attempt to keep stress/worry at bay. It's a pretty good temporary fix-it. I hope you get some sleep soon. I find dealing with life's difficulties is so much harder when I'm exhausted, and I've never had to deal with the kinds of things you're having to face. Our prayers are with you.

Annette said...

Congratulations Cami!
What about commercials, are you crying at those?
Perhaps you will get a good night sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.

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