Thursday, May 3, 2012

Race Day (and update)

On Saturday morning, we awoke bright and early, laced up our running shoes,  and headed to the high school for race day!  

I accompanied Ellie in the mile run, where she surprised me and finished with a time under 10 minutes  despite having one of her absence seizures a few feet before the finish line which made her stop dead in her tracks right as the announcer was excitedly drawing attention to her great sprint to the finish.  

Adam also ran the mile....

and had an awesome sprint to the finish in just under 8 minutes. 

Ellie wishing Cami luck for her 5K race...

Cami hadn't run a race since the end of the indoor track season, but her time was one of her better 5K times ever....

I LOVE, LOVE this picture of Cami and Ellie...

Glen and Emma also ran the 5K race...
This was Emma's third or fourth 5K race and she was all smiles  to be done. 

And next year we hope that  Spencer will be racing with us too! 



  • Spence still has a fever and horrible chest pain that docs think are indicative of an infection of some kind.  Docs are speculating that it may be a central line infection (but aren't sure) and  are discussing removing his central line and using IV's for the rest of this round.  We have very mixed feelings about this drastic move, but if it were to help him feel better we obviously are supportive, even if it means getting daily IV's in his arm.   
  • Spence starts his "blue chemo" (mitoxantrone) for the first time tonight, which we've been told will make him pee green for a while (and possibly even turn his eyes blue).  Spencer is looking forward to it.  :)
  • It is mentally exhausting to watch your child in so much pain.  :(


"In the furnace God may prove thee,
Thence to bring thee forth more bright,
But can never cease to love thee;
Thou art precious in his sight.
God is with thee, God is with thee;
Thou shalt triumph in his might."
(“Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded,” Hymns, no. 43, verse 3)


K said...

Congrats on the race! You all did great! Did AnnaLisa run too?

Hope Spence has a better day today!

The Funny One said...

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