Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wise Words by Lara

"Four score and seven minutes ago, I had a dream that my kids would ask not what their mother could do for them, but instead would ask what they could for their mother.  That would be one small step for them and one giant step in gratitude for their mother! " 

...spoken after an eager teen promises to help her mother through the crazy afternoon/evening that lies ahead and then promptly climbs into bed for a long nap.


"I also had a dream that the kids would learn that putting off what they can do today until midnight the night before it's due tends to make their mother unhealthy, unwieldly, and prone to speak something unwise."

...spoken at midnight after a child sprung the news in the middle of a highly stressful afternoon, that he has a book report due the next day.  And he hadn't read the book yet.   


"To be a mean mom or not be a mean mom?  That is not a very hard question."

...spoken after a certain child threw a fit for the umpteenth time that week. 


"If at first you don't succeed, cry, cry, and cry some more" 

...spoken after realizing that getting rid of the cursed honey bees that have invaded our chimney is going to be far more stressful that just bug bombing them.  Our choices are:  

1.  kill them (an endangered species) and they die in our walls leaving their honey and hive behind, thereby attracting loads of other pests with their dead bodies and leftover honey. 

2.  hire a beekeeper to get rid of them humanely and pay hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars for them to rip (then repair) holes in our walls so they can safely extract all of the bees, hive, and honey. 

3.  leave the bees be and now that they're in the hive, hope that they don't bother us anymore.  Clean up the remnants of their hive/honey (ripping holes in the wall) after they leave and find a new home.


"Glory, glory Hallelujah!" 

...spoken after a certain 9-year-old finally finished his book report at almost 1:00am

UPDATE:  Spencer's counts are sloooooooooooowly rising (ANC=62) and he is getting exceedingly stir-crazy. 


Kristina Powell said...

Lara, I love your wise words!! They are so true and profound!! :) We had the bee problem in Uruguay...apparently they don't care too much about humane treatment of insects their because they closed all the doors to the room, knocked the hive down with some type of poll and then cleaned up. Good luck with your bees. I think I am going to write your quotes down and post them on my quote board...they are classic.

K said...

Hope today is a better and bee-less day!

Steve-Rosanna said...

To bee-bee-bee or not to bee-bee-bee? What a loaded and profound question!

Amazed at how wonderfully wise you have become in your motherhood. Of course, you were always a very wise young woman-wise beyond your years. Tempered with your kind-heartedness and love, you were a second mother to your siblings and all.

No doubt, this past half-year of mortal schooling has only deepened your font of wisdom and love.

Thank you dear Lara for the sweet and wonderful daughter and friend that you are to your mom and I.

Interesting as well that your children are in some ways mirrors of you and your sibs as children! What goes around comes around apparently.

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