Monday, June 25, 2012

Crain Family Reunion in NUMB3RS

1 rousing game of family kickball

1.75 days is all that my extremely eligible 38-year-old bachelor brother, Nate, stayed in town, during which he stepped away from the family festivities for dates with 2 different girls

2 people extremely relieved to be done speaking in church.  I think it went well. 

3 varieties of cupcakes Cami made for dessert ( lemon, red velvet, and my favorite--cookies & cream)

5 Crain cousins break the cuteness scale

5:30-- the average time I woke up each morning this past week to work on my talk before anyone else woke up

8 Crain siblings prove that white kids CAN jump!

10 of us including Papachka and Mamachka,  who decided to dress up as a catholic priest for the photo shoot

12 grandkids for my parents, all of whom are extremely cute and intelligent, nine of whom are 7 and under, &  nine of whom are blond (or almost blond in the case of Emma)

14 times approximately per day there was a tiff of some kind or another (usually between the young cousins, but not always)

electronic devices being used at once (including iphones, kindles, ipads, and laptops).  We get our tech-geekery from our Dad.

of us Crains that were all together in our ward on Sunday (we took up four side rows, which made for easy opportunistic photo snapping by my sister who found Adam's reading material from the New Era slightly entertaining)

41-years-old my hunny turns today!  Happy Birthday Glen! 

47 times per day we kids made mom blush (it's easy and fun to do)

644 pictures that were taken on my camera (and there were several other cameras there as well)

calories per day that were consumed by the adults and expended by the kids

Countless other priceless memories that were made, like....

an adult-only dinner at On the Border...

Lots and lots of running, jumping, and playing by the kids...

a whole lot of silliness...

a tad bit of grumpiness (although this picture was staged)...

some snuggly moments...

 more silliness....

quality bonding time with grandpa and grandma...

and quality bonding time with their favorite "celebrity" cousin, Spencer...

It was way too short, but it's been a WOND3RFUL few days and I'm already looking forward to the next time we can be all together again! 


"Sometimes after an enjoyable family home evening, during a fervent family prayer, or when our entire family is at the dinner table on Sunday evening eating waffles and engaging in a session of lively, good-natured conversation, I quietly say to myself, 'If heaven is nothing more than this, it will be good enough for me!'"                                                                                                      Marlin K. Jensen



Ashley said...

Such fun! What great pictures and wonderful memories you have!

annalisa said...

I love all of the pictures! I think I might write a blogpost about the reunion and then link to your blog for all of the pictures.

I really like the comment about Mom dressing like a Catholic priest. It makes me laugh :)

The reunion was awesome!

Pete said...

Thanks Lara and Glen for putting up with everyone at your house. We all had a great time.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Great time indeed!! Thanks to all that pulled it together and made it happen. It was amazing to have everyone there and hopefully a reprise of the Celestial Kingdom where no seat will be empty!

Also enjoyed going to the DC temple tonight with Lara, AnnaLisa, and Matt.

What a fun and memorable summer!

Thanks again Glen/Lara et al.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Dad-Mom said...

Love that quote from Elder Jensen. So very true.

Shelley said...

Looks like such a fun time with family! I love the quote you shared at the end.

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