Saturday, July 28, 2012

On a Summer's Morning

One summer morning, a little girl put on her favorite hat and went on a walk with her Daddy.  Hand-in-hand they walked on the gravelly trail through the woods, talking and laughing as they went. 

They didn't walk very far or very fast, because the little girl kept finding exciting things to capture her attention.     There were sticks and rocks to be found.  Goldfish to be spotted in the meandering creek. And pretty butterflies flitting by.  With the pointy end of the stick she found, she scratched love notes to her Daddy in the gravel. 

A little while later, Daddy found a toad that was so cute and so tiny, that the little girl wanted to see it up close.  So Daddy caught it and gently placed it in her hands where she could get a better look. 

After carefully putting the toad back into the woods and out of the path of the walkers who would come after them, the little girl challenged her Daddy to a running race.  They ran fast and it was a close race. 

But the little girl won....of course.  
And then Daddy and the little girl went skipping happily down the trail. 


Steve-Rosanna said...

Priceless memories. Glen is the best father I know.

Thanks for sharing these sweet pix. said...

I love that girl!

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