Sunday, July 15, 2012

Golden Birthday!

In honor of Cami's Golden Birthday today (turning 15-years-old on the 15th of July), I thought I'd treat you all to 15 random facts about our sweet Cami Rose. 

1.  Cami was born 7-days late in the middle of a hot, sticky Baltimore summer.   I tried every trick in the book trying to "help" her along before then, but she proved to be as stubborn as a baby as she is now. 

2.  When she was first born the nurse said she was one of the prettiest newborns she'd ever seen.    She was especially in awe of her perfectly round head and already chubby cheeks. 
3.  At 8 lbs. 15 oz., Cami was the biggest of our newborns. 
4.  She started getting her teeth when she was 4-months old and started losing her baby teeth when she was only 4-years-old. 

5.  As a baby and toddler, she was called "Butterball" and "Sumo Wrestler" a lot. 

6.  She is the only one of our 5 kids to get an actual case of the chicken pox before the scheduled vaccination.  She was 10 months old and because I was nursing her, she got a very mild case. 

7.  Instead of a binky or blanky, she used her belly button as her comfort object when she was a toddler.  She would go to great lengths (unsnapping her onesies, hiking her dresses up over her shoulder,  and unzipping her jammies) to make sure she could always get her finger to her belly button. 

8.  She's missing 1-1/2 permanent teeth.  One is just not there at all and the other is what the dentist calls a "peg tooth", which is essentially a very small malformed tooth with good roots. 

9.  From about the ages of 9-15 months old, several times a week she'd cry so hard that she'd stop breathing, turn blue, and pass out.   The pediatrician said that that was normally a manipulative behavior of a stubborn toddler and that he'd never seen the behavior in someone as young as Cami and that we should just accept the fact that she had an exceptionally strong-will. 
10.  She was one of the shortest kids in her grade through most of elementary school.  She's now a very respectable 5'4". 
11.  She has always had a bit of a perfectionist streak in her, often completely redoing projects just to fix an error only perceived by her. 

12.  She is an excellent student, getting all A's (and one B+) in her first year of high school. 

13.  She participated in 3 sports her freshman year of high school--cross country, indoor track, and lacrosse. 

14.  She has always loved to help me in the kitchen and has been cooking treats and breakfasts independently since she was about 9-years-old.   

15.   When she grows up, she either wants to be a nurse or own her own bakery. 


And here are a  few more pictures for your entertainment....

Spencer and buds since they were toddlers. 

One of the most favorite pictures I've ever taken: 

Her hair has come a long way since these antenna-like piggy tails. 

Our sweet Cami Rose!

We love our Cami Rose!  Happy Birthday! 


Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

Your cute little chubby-cheeked Sumo Wrestler has morphed into an absolutely beautiful young woman.

Not only gorgeous, but very accomplished and athletic.

Thank you for this wonderful pictorial perspective of your eldest daughter.

We love you Camikins!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! A golden one at that.

Deanne said...

I loved hearing all these little facts I never knew. Happy Birthday Cami!

Emma said...

Happy birthday Cami!

K said...

Happy Birthday Cami! Come visit us soon! We miss you!

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