Monday, July 9, 2012

Moustache Monday


I "moustache" you all a very important question...

...but since "eyebrows" the computer right now, I'll "shave" it for later. 


Ode to the 'Stache
by  Derek Berry

Oh, glorious hairs, sprouting from face!
With warmth and a style no razor could erase,
 Hairs grow like weeds, sturdy lip prongs,
Which are worshiped and are subjects of songs,

It sits as a comrade, a furry, lippy friend,
That you can twist, style, twirl, whorl, and bend,
You are the captain, and it your first mate,
With it you have a bond to which no other bodily hair—can relate,

You might prefer the Belvedere, or perhaps the Dali,
You may sport yours like Frank Zappa and grow a goatee,
It can be a handlebar, or you can let it droop,
One end can be a basketball, the other end a hoop,

You can look like Einstein and look like Ringo too,
You could grow it very long until you need ‘stache shampoo,
It may be a pencil one, or a Fu Manchu,
A moustache is a moustache, and any one will do,

Some look pretty menacing, some look kind of cute,
Some make you look professional, some just like a brute,
You can wear it with a beard, goatee, or mutton chops,
It looks right on cowboys, Hitler, and even cops,

This is a little ode about a little droop,
A single curve of hair that can sop up all the soup,
Some are rather sparse; some look worth a lot of cash,
But never forget the power and coolness of the ‘stache


Steve-Rosanna said...

Extremely jealous ad I have never been able to grow a good 'stasche!

annalisa said...

hahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh this morning! I love all of the pictures and the poem :)

Emma said...

Funny. I like it.

Elvis said...

Me too!

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