Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Wedding and a Cupcake Sale

It took....

2 whole days,

and 9+ pounds of butter,

around 26 cups of sugar,

more than 3 dozen eggs,

10 limes,

nearly 14 pounds of powdered sugar,

6 cans of garbanzo beans,

3 cups of Greek yogurt,

and a few other ingredients,

so that Cami could bake cupcakes for her very first wedding reception!!! 
She made 10 dozen for the wedding (key lime, greek yogurt strawberry, german chocolate, coconut, and chocolate-peanut butter) and another 3 dozen for a separate order (funfetti, greek yogurt lemon, and key lime) due the same afternoon.
 They turned out beautifully and they were the perfect addition to the wedding dessert table.  She also kept the cupcake stands stocked through the night. 

She had employed three of her siblings to help her bake (paying them $3 each), employed her Dad as her go-to man for last-minute ingredient runs (volunteer position), and her mother as cupcake topper maker (a job I happily volunteered for, so I could have a good excuse to pull out my rubber stamps and other crafting supplies). 

I may be a little biased, but I think Cami has done a fantastic job of running her own business this summer and I couldn't be prouder of my baker-girl! 
This has been an amazing experience for Cami this summer, getting paid to do something she loves.   Thank you for all of your support!

For those who have yet to experience the glory of Cami's cupcakes, or for those those of you who may be interested in trying some of Cami's cupcakes, but haven't wanted to commit to buying a dozen of the same flavor, this is the perfect time to announce:


On Saturday, September 1st starting at 12:00noon, she will have a dozen different flavors available and will be selling her cupcakes individually for the first time.  No delivery will be available that day and pick-up will start at 12:00noon.  Pre-orders are encouraged, although you can always call that day to see what's available. 

(Checks or cash are accepted)
$2.50 each for 1-6 cupcakes (no box included)
$2.25 each for 7-11 cupcakes
$2.00 each for 12+ cupcakes

After 12:00noon on Saturday September 1st. 

Andes Mint
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Cookies and Cream
German Chocolate
Greek Yogurt Strawberry
Funfetti with swirled frosting
Key Lime
White Cake with white chocolate icing
Carrot with cream cheese icing
Red Velvet with cream cheese icing

email Cami at (indicate desired flavors and approximate pick-up time)

Call our home number about 20 minutes before desired pick-up to see what's still available.  We will have your orders ready to go.

For the upcoming 2012-2013 school year, cupcakes will only be available for order on Saturdays.   Prices will increase to $20 per dozen, $5 off the second dozen of the same flavor.  72-hour minimum notice. 


G-Ma D said...

As the grandmother of Tom Nielson, i saw firsthand Comi's cupcakes. They are truly a work of art and delicious too. A job well done.

Beth said...

I am curios - where do the garbanzo beans fit in?
~ Beth

K said...

Do you think Cami could deliver me a dozen today? I'm really craving her lime cupcakes. I'm happy to pay an additional delivery charge. (o:

Emma said...

Beth, that is a good question. Funny enough, our favorite chocolate cake recipe calls for 2 cans of garbanzo beans in place of the flour. We've tried a bunch of different recipes and it is our favorite by far. We don't have anyone in our family who needs to avoid wheat, but it's also totally gluten free.

Lara said...

Oops that last comment was from me.

bantcher said...

The cupcakes look and taste better than Georgetown's and Hello Cupcake's. Cami's a real artist.

Clarinda said...

Wow! These are amazing, Cami. I can only imagine how wonderful they must taste. Best of luck to your continued success.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Cami's Cupcakes-coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

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