Monday, August 6, 2012

Ten Truths and a Lie

Which one of the following statements is a lie? Since I'm offering a gazillion dollars to the person(s) who guesses correctly, you may want to read the official rules outlined below to make sure your entry is legal. 

1.  Helped one of the kids open their own bank account.

2.  Just got our passports in the mail. 

3.  Made disgusting popsicles.

4.  Got a busy, new calling at church. 

5.  Bid farewell to my sister who's been staying with us ever since Spencer got sick.

6.  Spence is at the beach with a friend this week.

7.  In the process of making homemade fruit roll-ups (with 100% fruit)

8. Haven't bought any bread for the entire summer. 

9.  Cami got an order for 10 dozen cupcakes for an upcoming wedding.

10.  Finally finished organizing the kids' room. 

11.  Want to go on vacation later this week and still haven't finalized our plans.

Official Rules (please read carefully before entering)
The "Guess Lara's Lie" (the “Contest”) is designed to encourage eligible U.S. blog readers (“Entrant(s)” or “You”) to use their  gray matter to guess what on earth Lara might lie about. Lara (the Judge) will choose the winning entry at random, and the prize will be awarded in accordance (more or less) with these Official Rules (the “Rules”).

1. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to enter the Contest, an Entrant must: (a) be a citizen of earth or a permanent alien from a planet with dual citizenship (i.e. must be able to show proof of legal permanent residence, for example, a “picture of you arriving on earth in your spaceship”); (b) be aged at least 6 hours old.  Octogenarians and above are not eligible to participate based on their overdeveloped sense of lie detection. 

2. SPONSOR: The Contest is sponsored by Glen and Lara Inc., a Virginia corporation.  Funds will only be released to the winner after all other debts are paid first (i.e. the gazillion dollars Lara owes Glen)

3. CONTEST PERIOD: The Contest begins on August 6, 2012 at 11:38:00 P.M. Eastern Time  Zone in the United States and ends on August 6, 2112 at 11:38:59 P.M. ET (“Contest Period”). All dates and times are subject to change without previous notice.

4. HOW TO ENTER: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. To enter the Contest, visit the Contest website located at (“Contest Site”) during the Contest Period and leave a comment indicating your official entry.  Humorous comments and multiplicity of entries are welcome. 

Entries received without a completed comment form or for those entrants under 3-months-of age, without a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature,  will be disqualified.

LIMIT ELEVEN (11) ENTRIES PER ENTRANT. Subsequent entries will be disqualified unless they are filled with compliments about my appearance and/or my superior skills.  Any mention of my plethora of gray hairs, the non-funniness of my late night humor, or my actual age will result in immediate disqualification from this and all future contests. 


K said...

I ONLY get 11 guesses? I'm sure to win with that many guesses, right? My guess is 10, but I hope I am wrong. (o:

I'm not sure I am eligible though since I'm not sure I can prove that I'm a resident alien. hahaha! I am related to you after all. Can you prove it?

Steve-Rosannarosannadanna (birthday girl) said...

In answer to K's questioning her "bonafides", yes you are both resident aliens since you are my daughters.

#10 is also my guess since we would heard your huzzahs if you had finished the organizing.

C said...

I say #3 since it is impossible for you to make disgusting food you beautiful, smart, talented woman.

K said...

Wow, I just want to say I like C's comment. Who is C? Camikins?

My new guess is #2. I don't think your passports actually arrived. (o:

K said...

Wait a this contest already over?

Clark (Andrew's friend) said...

Spencer is not at the beach.

Andrew said...

You did not help open a bank account this week.

RaChel said...

It absolutely has to be 3. You are too good of a cook to mess up.

annalisa said...

My guess is #2.

annalisa said...

Or maybe #3... no I still think #2 :)

JP said...

I say 10, only because that is the least likely to be true for me.

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