Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lots and Lots of Snow (Jan. 22-28)

Another week's gone by and here's another glimpse of our week, which of course included the record breaking snowstorm that brought us 26.5-inches of snow!   Last week there was one day of school off for MLK day, another one off for a teacher work day, then a normal day of school on Wednesday, and then school has been cancelled ever since for the weather (only 1 day of school in 2 weeks)!   Of course, we homeschool, so the days off are most meaningful for Emma who gets early morning seminary cancelled when school is cancelled, but the kids definitely go into a more playful mode when they know their friends are home from school too.  

January 22--(Friday) Knowing that we would likely be snowed in for the next couple of days, I was quite antsy to get out of the house and  run a last few errands.   We got a few things at Barnes and Noble, braved the grocery store for some yogurt, picked up Glen's shirts from the cleaners, and headed home to hunker down.   Glen and Spence arrived home early, then we maneuvered the four cars at our house (one of them being my sister's who is out of town) to fit into driveway and garage.  It was a tight fit, but we got it done and we left the street in front of our house open to the snowplows we hope to see!

January 23- (Saturday) It snowed and the wind howled all yesterday evening and all day today, but that didn't stop the kiddos from spending a good portion of the day outside playing in it.  We topped out at 26.5 inches!

January 24-(Sunday) Church was cancelled, so we spent the day shoveling out ourselves, then a neighbor who'd recently had surgery.   Later Glen and Adam brought the sacrament to someone from our ward who lives close by.

January 25- (Monday) County schools closed today, which meant no seminary for Emma.  In previous years we would have taken snow days from homeschool too, but this year we're trying to get everything done before mid-May, so the kids are still doing their work.   The kids hurriedly did their work in the morning, so we could go  to this epic sledding hill in the afternoon with friends.   Later we went to a friend's house and roasted marshmallows over a bonfire!

January 26- (Tuesday) It's another day of staying in their pajamas, doing their work, then squeezing in as much outside play, board games, and movies as possible.   Today it was the game of Life using Monopoly money, since the Life money weirdly did not come with the game.  We probably could have contacted the store or manufacturer, but the kids just really wanted to play and Monopoly money ended up working just fine and they are mildly obsessed with playing it.

January 27- (Wednesday) They're all still in their pajamas at noon and we learned that school is cancelled the rest of the week.  Again, we're still doing work, it just means that everyone stays up later, sleeps later, and gets dressed later, if at all.    In this picture Ellie is reading "The Lightning Thief," and can barely put her book down to eat the omelet that Adam made for her lunch.

January 28- (Thursday) This post was getting reeeeeeeeeeeealllllllllllllly  boring with all the snow day pictures, so today I'm adding one of Cami.   She's following in Glen's footsteps and is playing for the BYU women's lacrosse team this semester (of course Glen  played men's {not women's} lacrosse).   We are thrilled that she made the team and is continuing the family legacy of BYU lacrosse!   Click here to see her on the team roster and here to see her game schedule.

Go BYU!!!

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