Thursday, January 7, 2016

Project 365: January 1-7

After some self-reflection and feedback from family members, I've decided that I do not want to not document our lives at all, so I've decided to try doing a photo {or two} a day, instead of my normal blogging.   I'm hopeful that this new simplified approach to blogging will keep me from getting too distracted by it, while still providing an outlet for sharing pictures and updates on our lives.  Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for more day-at-a-time adventures to come!     

January 1:   This first day of the year brought  us a gorgeous sunset and fun family version of the cooking show, "Chopped"!  Glen and Cami tied for first in the cooking competition and I had great fun being the one to inflict the "fun" ingredients on everyone! 

January 2:  We enjoyed being a part of my niece Bridgette's baptism day and later we attended a performance of "Matilda the Musical" at the Kennedy Center.

January 3:  Emma chopped 12-inches off her hair, so she could donate it to Locks of Love.   We also dropped Cami off at the airport this morning.   :(

January 4:  Adam got a few cool Lego sets this Christmas and this model of the Salt Lake temple was  one that took him longer than most.  He was very proud of it when it was done!  Now he's off working on the next Lego set.

January 5:  Our  "Mommy and Me" book group is this Friday and Ellie and I are madly making our way through the delightful, "Journey to the River Sea".   We are reading every stray minute we can and enjoying every bit of it!    My book group is Wednesday night and luckily I finished  that one already, so it's not distracting us.

January 6:   For ten minutes this morning, the kids saw Glen for the first time this whole week.    He's been working absolutely insane hours (including two all-nighters where he got home at 5:30am and went back to work by 8:30am).  

January 7: My original plans for mutual tonight fell through, so I quickly had to patch together a last-minute activity for the Laurels.   It ended up being a very enjoyable night with 7 of my 8 Laurels, along with Ellie, who definitely is one of the gang.    I love these girls!

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Matthew K said...

Adam's Lego Temple is awesome!

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