Saturday, August 6, 2016

Life Along the Way

Here are a few more random pics of the last couple of weeks: 

First, the week before we left, we went on one more excursion to the temple with Cami.    It is a great feeling to be able to spend time with a child in the temple.  

My visiting teachers brought me a little lemony care basket of cheer to help in the process of saying goodbye to Cam.   They also visit teach Andrea S., whose son, Christian, was going into the MTC the same day as Cami, so they had double duty.  

When we were in Utah, I went on a couple of long walks with my sister, Kristina.  We may or may not have played a little Pokemon Go along the way.   Cami snapped this picture of us.  :) 

The next walk we went on, we dressed to match!

Here's a selfie with my mom and dad right before I left Utah.  

 On Friday, Cami had her first P-day and and sent us this  picture of her MTC district.  I don't know much of  the Elders yet, including their  names, but she is quite happy with all of the Sisters.

Here's a picture of Cami and her roommates (Soeurs Allen, Goold, Huntsman, Jones).  Sister Jones is Cami's companion and was actually in her ward at BYU.  They are also both in the nursing program, which meant they have a lot in common and were very excited to be companions.  

So life has been going full-speed ahead since our trip to Europe.   Now that Cami is off, it should be slowing down significantly now and I hope to regain a little of my brain function back.   We will see how that plan actually works.


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Jennifer McArthur said...

Happy and exciting times!

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