Monday, August 29, 2016

True or False Quiz

All of the following are TRUE, except.....?  

1.  Glen, Emma, and I all gave talks in sacrament meeting this past Sunday.

 2.  Ellie was also asked to give a talk in primary.

3.  I pretended to catch a Pikachu (pokemon) in the middle of my talk.

4.  I've lost about 10-lbs in the last couple of months by cutting down on foods with high fat (cheese, butter, nuts, red meats, etc)

5.  I sit glued to the computer every Friday afternoon waiting for Cami's P-day emails to come through. 

6.  A bunch of girls from our ward/stake accidentally ran into Cami at the Provo temple yesterday.

7.  Emma leaves for her study abroad in England in ONE WEEK!!!!

8.   Emma and Ellie were both performers in a tri-ward production of "Wizard of Oz"

9.   Back to homeschool routine starts next week!  

10.  I now hate blogging.  Can't stand it.

Comment with your guess and stay tuned for the correct answers, pictures, and fun details to be posted soon!  



Aitch said...

All of them are true except number 10!

annalisa said...

I agree with H!

R said...

I agree with H and AL. Although there are a couple of others I'm not sure about. But I'm going with the flow.

Matthew K said...

It has to be number 7, because now it is slightly less than a week. :)

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