Tuesday, August 30, 2016

quiz answers

All of the following are TRUE, except.....?  

1.  Glen, Emma, and I all gave talks in sacrament meeting this past Sunday.
TRUE!   Glen's was on the blessings of the temple, Emma's was on journal writing, and mine was on the blessings of family history.   

 2.  Ellie was also asked to give a talk in primary.
TRUE!   I did request hers to be postponed for another week though.   Three talks at once was definitely enough for us.

3.  I pretended to catch a Pikachu (pokemon) in the middle of my talk.
TRUE!   I did it as an attention getter and definitely took people off guard with it.  I also quoted Siri.    I think a few people probably think I'm weird now, but on the bright side,  every 10-year-old boy in the room was paying very close attention to my talk and I did get this email, so there's that too.  

4.  I've lost about 10-lbs in the last couple of months by cutting down on foods with high fat (cheese, butter, nuts, red meats, etc)
TRUE!   I've been having issues digesting fat lately, so I've cut it way down and have lost weight in the process.  I think it's going to end up being a long-term dietary change for me.  

5.  I sit glued to the computer every Friday afternoon waiting for Cami's P-day emails to come through. 
TRUE!   I'm rather obsessed.

6.  A bunch of girls from our ward/stake accidentally ran into Cami at the Provo temple yesterday.
TRUE!  Apparently they were trying to meet another missionary from the stake and happen to run into Cami too.   I haven't heard Cami's reaction yet (since it's not her P-day), but I imagine she was excited to see them.  

7.  Emma leaves for her study abroad in England in ONE WEEK!!!!
TRUE!   I can't believe that we'll be down TWO kids for the semester.   It's going to be lonely around here.   She is so excited though! 

8.   Emma and Ellie were both performers in a tri-ward production of "Wizard of Oz"
TRUE!  Stay tuned for an entire blogpost  dedicated to it soon.

9.   Back to homeschool routine starts next week!  
TRUE! And I can't decide if I excited or dreading it.

10.  I now hate blogging.  Can't stand it.
FALSE!   It's been almost 10-years since I started and I still can't shake it.   

Everyone wins.  You're awesome! 


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