Thursday, September 1, 2016

Letter to Cam #5

Dear Soeur G.,

Well, it's raining buckets and buckets here and it looks like we are going to end up being brushed by the edges of a hurricane this weekend.   Hurricane Hermine (NOT Hermione) is a category 1 hurricane and is supposed to hit land at Florida soon (probably already has by the time you've received this).   They were worried that DC would take more of a direct hit from the remnants, but the most recent forecasts predict that it will go further out to sea.  Basically they say it's just likely to be a bit of a blustery rainy weekend, which is a bummer for the last weekend before school starts, but thankfully it's unlikely to be anything too big here.  

I took the kids school clothes shopping today and ADAM PICKED OUT STYLISH CLOTHES!!!!!! He didn't buy any gym shorts or t-shirts whatsoever and actually picked out button down shirts and some nice Levi slacks.   I was very surprised and impressed.   It cost a lot more to outfit him than when he solely wears shorts and t-shirts, but, hey, he looks good and it makes me smile that he actually is starting to care.    :)

I have no idea how closely you read my Dear Elders, but I was wondering a few things:

1.  How did the meet-up with Ash, Caroline, MK, Karly, and Janessa go?   Ashley mentioned that she started crying immediately when she saw you.  Were you okay?   Was it a happy meeting?  

2.    So, how was the bread and jam?   Was it totally dried out?    Did you like the pectin free peach jam?   I think it turned out more like an apple butter texture, but I loved the flavor.  I think I will probably go pectin free from now on for flavor purposes!    

3.   Please send us your travel plans as soon as you receive them.   We're excited to hear about the details! 

4.   I want to hear more about your sister trainer responsibilities.   How is that going?  Is it a lot of extra work?   Or just a fresh change of scenery?         

 FYI...... I am sending the phone to you today, which means you should receive it early next week.   I will have it charged and all set up and programmed with our phone number.    I will also send directions on how to use it.   It should be easy peasy and we will look forward talking with you while you're the airport!

Well, WE LOVE YOU and can't wait to hear from you!

Have a wonderful P-day!

Random pictures:  

I saved $7 in postage by putting the smaller box inside the Priority Mail box when I sent your bread.   It kind of cracked me up.

A yummy fruit salad that Emma made for breakfast one morning.  The mangoes, in particular,  are SOOOOOOOOOO  GOOD right now.

My slow progress reading, "Truman" for next week's book group.   I'm on page 205 out of 992 pages.

Take a closer look at the picture of Logan and Adam and you'll see this cicada shell on his shirt!  

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Jennifer McArthur said...

I get such a kick out of your letters to Sis. Goold! You are a super fun Mom for so many reasons and these letters confirm it! (P.S. Fun to pass by you in the halls at church on Sunday!)

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