Monday, September 5, 2016

Wizard of Oz

It's been a dream of Ellie's and Emma's to get involved in theater.   They participated with the Savior of the World production back in the spring, but since then they've been itching to do something else.  We've looked into community theaters, but haven't found one that was a good fit yet.   So, when friends of ours decided that they were going to do their own theater camp this summer, we were all over it.   Basically it was a week of super intense (6+ hours a day) of practices and two performances at the end of the week.    Ellie and Emma were thrilled to be able to participate and I was thrilled that the instruction quality was high and the time commitment very manageable!   

They performed Wizard of Oz.   Emma was Auntie Em and had a few lines and a solo.   Ellie played several small roles (a munchkin, an apple tree, an Ozzian, an optimistic voice).  It was a great experience for both of them and whetted their appetite for more.   I am very much not a performer whatsoever, so it was an eye opening experience for me to watch and I am grateful to have such talented friends and acquaintances that can help my children to have these kinds of experiences.   The quality of the performance was actually quite high and it was so fun to watch them get out of their comfort zones and SHINE!     

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