Saturday, September 3, 2016

Keeping Up

Random update in pictures:

I have no idea how to blog creatively anymore.  It takes a lot more out of my brain and heart than I expected to keep a missionary feeling connected.   I feel like all the energy I used to put into putting together a blogpost, now goes to sending letters and packages to Cami.   Not that I was actually blogging creatively before Cami left on her mission either, but now all hopes of it seem dashed.  

While she's in the MTC I've been writing "DearElders" to Cami just about every day, writing a real snail mail letter at least once a week,  and trying to get her a package per week.    Her companion gets packages nearly every day, which I totally can't keep up with, so I figure I can at least keep her mailbox full of letters.    Of course, all this will come to a screeching halt when she takes off for France on September 12.    The "DearElders" will be no more and the packages will definitely stop, except for special occasions, since international shipping rates are so high.    That's why I figure I should give it my full effort now, while I can.  After that we'll be left with emails, which she can only check once a week, and snail mail letters which will cost 2.5 times the amount to send.  

Well, so here's a random update on our lives in pictures.   Totally not interesting or exciting, but it's a glimpse of our lives right now.   Emma also leaves for England on Monday and school starts on Tuesday, so life is about to change once again!  

Monday night peach fest.
2 batches of peach jam + 1 batch of dehydrated peaches + 1 bag of frozen peach slices.

Random sunset on the way home one night (taken out the window of the moving car)

Face timing with Jack, Lincoln, and Ben!   

Saying goodbye to the Elders.  I brought them the same little packages I made for Cami's MTC district.

Ellie made strawberry lemonade from scratch (even squeezing the lemons)!

Emma had a little friend come over, so they could bake a healthy treat together.   Healthy meaning no grains and no sugar. 

Ellie and a friend make cupcakes together

A chicken and berry salad Emma made for dinner.
It was absolutely delicious!


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