Monday, September 19, 2016

A Hike and a No-Show

 On Saturday, Glen and I did our favorite hike along the towpath from Carderock to Great Falls and back.    It's about 7-miles and it was an exceptionally lovely day for hiking.   It was about 70º, cloudy, and completely not humid, which was quite unlike the drippy hot hike we took last week.    

The leaves are mostly still green....

 and  just barely, barely beginning to turn colors. 

I thought this great blue heron on the island was posing so perfectly, I couldn't help but take a picture.  I really wished I had my telephoto lens though.  

 These bright yellow wildflowers were everywhere and made me smile.   I sort of wished I'd thought to bring some home to AnnaLisa, so I could sing her "There is Sunshine in My Soul".    

Speaking of smiling, this gorgeous butterfly was right at the end of our hike and it made me smile almost as much as being done with our hike did.  :)  

The only bummer was that we came across a whole bunch of rescue vehicles along the trail.    We thought that it was a river rescue at first, since they had all the rafts and river equipment with them, but we actually ran into the rescuers and rescuee along the trail.   It was an older lady who was wet (but wasn't close to the river), her leg all wrapped up, but still walking with help.    Those rescuers sure take their job seriously!  

After our hike, we went to Adam's soccer game (which he lost) and then cleaned, cleaned, cleaned for a youth family history night at our house.   Our house now looks awesome and we have some great refreshments sitting around the house.      
Lemon drop cookies, watermelon, and chips

Alas...not a single person came.      

That's okay though.   I really was happy for a good excuse to get some heavy duty cleaning done and Adam, Ellie, and I together found 46 names to take to the temple, so it was definitely a productive day! 

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Charlene said...

The food looks amazing! They missed out!

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