Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Woman of Virtue

Last night for YW, we had a Women Heroes activity.   We had a booklet and a picture of a woman from history for every YW value.   Groups of girls dressed in costumes and role played and explained why that women fit with that value.  

Here are the women we discussed:

Faith--Eliza R. Snow 
Divine Nature--Mary 
Individual Worth--Joan of Arc
Choice and Accountability--Eve
Good Works--Florence Nightingale
Virtue--Pick your own woman that embodies virtue 

At the end of the night, we asked someone to share what they'd written down for a woman of virtue.  Since no one immediately volunteered,  we randomly called on someone to share who she'd picked.    

Well, imagine my heart when she said that she'd picked Cami as her woman of virtue.   And then she proceeded to explain why she picked her.   (because of she treats others, how she's dedicated her life to God, because of the example she's set to her, etc.)  

It melted my heart and made me teary and happy at the same time!  

PS  I love my calling to work with these amazing young women.  


1 comment:

Jennifer McArthur said...

You are no doubt a completely amazing YW leader. Those girls are incredibly blessed to have you as a leader and an example.

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