Sunday, September 25, 2016

In France!

On Monday, September 12, Cami and her MTC district left the Missionary Training Center bright and early and headed for the SLC airport. She got to call us from the airport, so we were anxiously awaiting her arrival there. We ended up surprised at how long it took her to get there though and learned that missionaries now take buses and trains (public transportation) to make their own way to the airport. A real life practice for the mission, I guess. Eventually she did get to call us and we got 20 blissful minutes to hear her voice again. We loved talking to her and hearing the joy in her voice. She bore her testimony to us in French and we grilled her with a gazillion questions.

She flew to Philadelphia (where we got to talk to her for a few more minutes), then to Paris, then on to Lyon. She arrived there in Lyon mid-morning (France time) on Tuesday. We tracked her flights online and knew she'd arrived, but were antsy to hear the details. Eventually we got an email from the mission secretary that the group of 24 missionaries (14 of which were Sisters) had arrived safely and that we'd hear more details in the next day or so.

Later we got another email that her first companion is Soeur K (from Arizona) and that her first area is in the Lyon area, not far from the mission home!

Our time in Lyon in May was very limited, so we didn't actually explore the area all that much, which is why we were a little taken aback by the picturesqueness of some of the photos she sent us after that first week. This one looked like she was standing in the midst of quaint painting.

And this view....WOW!

I wouldn't mind a summer cottage with a view like this! Actually I wouldn't mind a summer cottage just about anywhere, but here would be amazingly awesome. :)

Her first week adventures included getting to eat escargot (good thing she tried it this summer on our trip):

And getting stuck on an elevator with an "amie" they wanted to teach, but who was too big of a hurry (until the elevator got stuck).

It sounds like she's experienced some discouragement and frustration with learning to speak and understand French, but overall, she is handling it like a champ.   She is working and studying hard and is gaining some amazing insights along the way.   Click here if you want to read her weekly letters.

We're so proud of our Cami!


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